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tv   Journal  LINKTV  July 24, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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plex live from the dw studios here in berlin, this is a journal. >> here is what is coming up. a political trolled in ukraine. the government in kiev collapses, and prime minister yatsenyuk resigned. but the wreckage -- >> the per -- the wreckage of the missing plane has been spotted in the north of the country. >> and new developments in the gaza conflict, leaving 15 people dead.
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>> the ukrainian prime minister has announced his resignation. prime minister jackson and -- yatsenyuk announced this today. but they paves the way for fresh parliamentary elections, with the battling the forces need, kiev is struggling to achieve stability. >> to many, arseniy yatsenyuk symbolized stability, but after just five months in office he has become the latest casualty of the country's political upheaval. >> i am announcing my resignation because of the split of the coalition and blocking of government [no audio] >> yatsenyuk lost his parliamentary majority after the
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utah potty and the nationalist -- the you docs party and nationalist coalitions pulled out. but at these images show, the ukraine's different parties often strongly disagree. scuffles in parliament are not uncommon. lawmakers have 30 days to form a new coalition. if they fail, elections will follow. >> our correspondent has been following the story and joins us now from kiev. you're he, what more can you tell us about this political --yuri, what more can you tell us about this political shakeup? >> the very important reason for this resignation is prime minister yatsenyuk lost the majority in parliament.
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he has worked very hard in the last few months, especially last few weeks, to push the laws in the parliament am a very important laws -- in the parliament, very important laws will stop for example, capital budget or reform of tax law. it was impossible to rally the country and also impossible to rule it. he decided to announce his resignation. >> there is war in the east. the economy is in tatters. what does this mean for kiev? is this another major setback echo -- setback? >> yes, we can say it is a setback. we are speaking not only about the deep crisis in the east of ukraine, but also about the deep crisis in the economy. ukraine is about to be absolutely bankrupt. ukraine needs money, and without this money, the state cannot survive anymore.
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it is very important for the parliament not to give up. that is why president poroshenko , for example, called for the parliament not to give up. clicks and finally, what impact will this have on kiev's effort -- >> and finally, what impact will this have on kiev's effort to quell the insurrection in the east? >> it should be a big disaster for ukraine army, because the big problem with the ukraine army is money. it was so, and is so more now. apprentice are called -- the prime minister called saturday on the parliament, and in the case of the resignation, the ukrainian army would not get any more money. you can imagine what would happen without money. this cannot win the battle -- or
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the war against the separatists. and the ukrainian state cannot bring the eastern part under his control. >> thank you very much, in kiev with some musical accompaniment, it seems, in the background. thanks a lot. >> risch best hitters have started examining the second -- british investigators have started examining the second blackbox from the plane that was shot down over eastern ukraine week ago. they say it was not tampered with. >> meanwhile, two more military plane touched down this afternoon in the netherlands, carrying the remains of 51 victims. >> another military transport arriving in into open. on thursday, 74 additional coffins and hanging the remains of victims of malaysian flight mh 17 returned to the netherlands. they had to be identified before
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being turned over to families. the dutch foreign minister said it was just the beginning of a long process. >> thank you for this first and very important step of allowing us to bring home the victims. it is still a long way to go. and our first priority is to get everybody home. >> some 80 forensic experts have started identifying the remains at a military hospital in hilversum. they have cautioned that it could take weeks or months to match records to all 298 victims. the job of decoding the black boxes is being carried out by specialists in britain. experts say the flight gator -- flight data recorder was damaged, but [no audio] able to retrieve data and are now studying it to try to find
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out what transpired in the cockpit in the final minutes of the ill-fated light. -- flight. in eastern ukraine, a new team of osce observers has arrived at the site. their job was to map the wreckage. there were no reports of separatist impeding their access. >> an algerian passenger jet with more than 110 people on board has crashed over molly in west africa. -- mali in west africa. >> the plane left in the early hours thursday morning from the capital, heading to algiers. contact was lost somewhere between two towns in mali. >> nearly half on board are thought to be french. >> it was an agonizing wait and algiers airport. friends and relatives of the planes 110 passengers and six crew hope for news of their
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whereabouts. but in the afternoon, and air official confirms their worst fears. the plane had crashed. air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane. visibility on the root was said to be poor -- on the route was said to be poor. but there were fears it might have met the same fate as mh 17, shot down last week over eastern ukraine. >> there have been three plane crashes in one week. that is a little bit much. >> everybody dies on the roads and in other types of transportation as well. >> the twin jet was one of two least to algiers. it was in service since 1965 and has an excellent safety record.
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the state-owned airline also has a good safety record. wreckage has been cited in northern mali and officials say they are exploring all possibilities as to what right down the flight. -- what brought down the flight. >> joining us for analysis, and air security analyst. tim, do you have any idea what would have happened to this plane? >> for the moment, we do not have enough information. i have a suspicion, though. as a private, -- pilots, the first thing i'm doing is checking the weather. the area where the plane was flying through had heavy storms. it is extending up to 50,000 feet, so 15 kilometers, and you're a very cold air up there and ice. remember france flight 447 on the way to paris crashed in something exactly like that. this could be something, but
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it's peers speculation. we have to find the flight data recorder. >> if we rule out, or for the moment at least, human error, pilot error, what do we know about the airline? we just heard that they had a -- an excellent safety record. could anything else have gone wrong? >> i think it is too early to rule out pilot error. flying into a storm area would definitely go into this field of pilot error, at least taking a risk. the last time was in an area where fighting was going on, which was dangerous. and now a thunderstorm. a storm can be dangerous as well. fly around that. safety is prevention. do not take risks. >> and re-sublet in taiwan as well. >> exactly. -- >> and we saw that in taiwan as well. >> exactly. >> is like becoming less safe?
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-- is flight he coming less safe? >> three accidents in a row is bringing attention to this. it is still the safeties -- the safest form of travel. we have more accidents on the roads. but taking risks can cause accidents to happen. it is something that should be looked into. >> will have to leave it there. thank you very much, jim. norway says it has credible warnings of an imminent terrorist attack. armed police will be on patrol in high risk basis. >> intelligence has set an attack by islamist militants could come within days. it is believed the threat comes from norway -- norway-based islamists from syria in recent years. >> and execution in the u.s. has
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sparked outrage among opponents [no audio] cut to die by lethal injection in the state of arizona and it is not the first botched execution this year. >> critics say unreliable drugs are being used in lethal injection, leaving death row inmates to suffer for hours before they succumb. >> death row inmate joseph wood was executed on a gurney like this one. witnesses watched through a window and what they size fueling the debate in the u.s. about executing people with deadly drugs. >> i probably counted more than 600 gasps in the more than two hours that it took for him to die. it was nerve-racking, because it went on longer than expected. >> the execution was supposed to take about 10 minutes. it is not the first time an excuse and in the u.s. has not gone as planned. a key sedative that was previously used is no longer produced in the u.s., and
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european countries opposed to the death penalty refused to make it available. that forced risen officials in america to look for alternatives. -- prison officials in america to look for alternatives. the arizona state prison did not disclose what was used. but the relatives of the victims of the inmate had little sympathy. in 1989, joseph wood murdered his girlfriend and hit -- and her father as -- after the woman tried to end the relationship. >> it was a horrifying murder, and you guys are going, though, let's worry about the drug and how he is. >> the state of tennessee has responded to the controversy over lethal injections by reintroducing the electric chair. >> before we head into a short break, just enough time for some sports now. the 18th stage from the tour de france may have decided the entire race.
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this tough mountain stage appears to be a new problem for the overall leader. he won his fourth stage of the race to extend his lead to more than seven minutes. with just three more stages to go, second place is unlikely to catch up. >> and there is the cheering crowd. and an olympic gold medalist runner has pulled out of the commonwealth games saying he has not fully recovered from a stomach ailment. >> the 11 day event opened the glass cow -- glasgow with a colorful ceremony, including an appearance by the loch ness monster. in the stadium, they were decked out in tartan kilts.
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got to love the fireworks there in scotland. coming up in a moment, we go to the middle east for our other major story. >> and that >> welcome back. >> the u.n. run school in gaza has apparently been struck by israeli artillery shells, and killing 15 people. children and staff are among the dead. >> we will go to more on that in a moment, but first, this report from the border of israel and gaza. >> it won't be easy for these children to cope with what they just survive. heavy artillery landed here. the united nations has open the schools to families seeking safety. the shelling killed and injured many. thomas -- hamas was quickly
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blamed for the attack. >> [no audio] >> this is the 17th day of israel's operation protective edge. an air and ground based assault against hamas targets in the gaza strip. but they have not stopped them from firing into israeli territory. benjamin netanyahu seen here with the foreign minister said the offensive would continue. he rejected a u.s. official suggestion on wednesday that israel may have committed war crimes will stop -- he rejected a u.n. official suggestion on wednesday that israel may have committed war crimes. >> what is equally grotesque is that israel was condemned by the human rights council. >> these pictures are flashing around the world on television and the internet. the destroyed school, the blood, the dead children.
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israel says it will investigate, but has already said the explosion could have been a stray hamas rocket. >> for more, we are joined on the line by our correspondent. tonya, what do we know about this attack on the u.n. school in gaza? >> the circumstances are not entirely clear, but the people in gaza blame the israeli army for shelling the school. the israeli army says it is still investigating the incident, but it is said that the army fired mortars in the area after the troops fell back from the area of the school. it was also said that it could have been rockets fired by militants that felt short. -- fell short. these children have been evacuated because of heavy fighting in the area. all of these people had already fled their homes in past days
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and when they helped -- hope to find shelter and protection because it is an international organization and school, but it did not give them the protection they needed. >> what are conditions like on the ground in gaza now? >> whomever you talk to in gaza right now, people will tell you it is a very desperate situation. many people had to flee from their homes. i have colleagues in gaza who told they had to evacuate from the border areas. more than 140,000 people have shot -- thought shelter -- have thought shelter in those schools. and since there was the bombing of the main power plant, the electricity is down to two hours a day, depending on where you live. some people might have a generator, but not everyone has the money to pay for that. water pumps are not functioning. sewage pumps are not functioning. there are all kinds of problems
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now and the daily life span. >> a lot of distraction. what about diplomacy? are there any negotiations underway to negotiate a cease-fire? >> i understand the talks are still ongoing. secretary john kerry is still in the region to work on a cease-fire, mainly on this egyptian proposal, which seems to propose a cease-fire in stages. but again, hamas has made it clear that it wants to sue the siege of gaza lifted before agreeing to a cease-fire. but she said, the mechanism is not the important thing. it is the guarantee, who would ensure that this will all be implemented. at this point, talks are ongoing, but no real breaks, as it seems. x tonya, thank you -- >> tonya, thank you for the update. >> israel has sworn in a new head of state. >> he took the oaths of office as president in a toned down ceremony in the israeli knesset.
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he replaces elder statesman shimon peres, who is stepping down at age 90. he is seen as a hardliner, who opposes a palestinian state. but in his speech, he stressed israel is fighting terrorism, but not the palestinian people or islam. and iraq has elected a new president, a kurdish man. his election comes after months of deliberations. >> it comes after he won 228 votes in parliament. he succeeds jalal talabani. the situation in iraq remains tense. 60 people on a bus were killed or injured when a visit by roadside bombs. it was not immediately clear whether the prisoners were killed by militants or soldiers.
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>> the u.n. says it is gravely concerns -- concerned by reports that isis has ordered genital mutilation for all [no audio] >> the u.n. was still trying to verify the validity of the report. isis fighter has gained control of much of western iraq in the last months. the persecution of christians has also been raising concerns. >> displaced iraqi christians demonstrated to draw attention to their plight. >> hundreds of iraqi christians forced from their homes in isis held areas gathered for a rally in the kurdish capital. demonstrators joined by iraqi christian leaders marched to the un's regional office to demand greater protection. >> we are holding a peaceful demonstration here. the purpose is to send a message to the world through the united nations.
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we want to make the world aware of the suffering and tragedy of the christian community in iraq. which is one of the world's oldest. >> church leaders also called on the u.n. to safeguard the property left behind by fleeing christians. thousands have thought refuge in kurdish areas after isis jihadis ts demanded they convert to islam or leave the city. many are appalled. it is a crime against iraq. christians and muslims used to live as brothers. we want peace and love. the government must find a solution. >> muslim leaders also to part in the rally and condemned the jihadist policies. asked the sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for refusing to recant her christian faith has arrived in italy.
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international pressure led to her acquittal last month. >> she met the pope on thursday. he thanked her for her hope encourage. she had been sentenced to death on charges of financing islam after marrying a christian. she and her husband have been given u.s. citizenship and will head to the states next week. >> it looks like europe is ready to intensify sanctions against russia in its role -- for its role in the ongoing ukrainian conflict. 15 people and other companies will be added to the sanctions list. >> experts are warning that he could have a negative effect on the global economy. germany -- german companies have already voiced their concerns. this report on how close to home sanctions could hit. >> basf is one of many german firms with a presence in russia. it is one of the world's biggest chemical giant. the dax listed firm works closely together with gazprom in
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the oil industry. it has a 15 -- 50% share in a joint venture with gazprom. it defended its collaboration with the russians. >> we have customers in those countries, customers we have dealt with for many, i many years am a sometimes decades. we have a very trustworthy relationship with these customers. we want to continue to sell to these customers. they ought to be able to rely on us as a supplier. >> now, sanctions against russia are said to be intensified. this could become more difficult , possibly in the energy sector, too. that could negatively affect basf's operations. it is said to be having an effect on the german economy. experts are forecasting a drop in experts of about 10% this year, loss of 4 billion euros. >> more earnings reports for the
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markets to digest. >> chemical giant basf reported results this thursday. profits rose, but investors focused on the upcoming risks. basf wants to sell parts of it gas units to the russian company gazprom. the deal has been delayed. this is one reason why share prices of basf went down today. the market in general is in a difficult situation. on the one hand, corporate reports show that german companies are in very good condition. on the other hand, the crises of the world are weighty. >> germany's dax up 4/10 of a percent at 9734. in new york, the dow jones industrial is currently slightly negative territory. zero is trading less than the
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dollar. >> u.s. automaker general motors has posted sharply lower earnings as it continues to pay the price for record-breaking series of car recalls. [no audio] is down 85% on the same time frame last year. >> had to recall almost 30 million cars this year alone. ignition switches have been linked to the deaths of at least 13 people and an estimate of 54 accidents. that is all for now. >> do stay with us. captioned by the national captioning institute
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the french00 p.m. in capital on france 24. a missing passenger plane, an air algérie has come down in tuareg. we bring you all of the latest on israel-gaza conflict. women, children and the u.n. from are among the dead israeli